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FOR THE HORDE!!!!! wait...no...

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Ten years! Didn't know the legion had been around for a long, nice, hope it'll be an anniversary to remember. IOW a portal flood like no other... I'm feeling the itch for B/P...

Time flies, doesn't it? Hope we don't disappoint!

Well cool, but too bad I can't register; clicking on the button does nothing. Using Chrome.

Try http://thelocklegion.com/register / and if that doesn't work, then you can always pop open another browser for a sec. I'll talk to our coder about that bug though, see if he can't do something about it.

Nothing works. Not in any browser I have (Firefox and IE). I can make a better forum for you guys with a functioning engine, but I'm no salesman - I wanna register, I can't.

Go talk to sunshinelock over here, http://innerchild548.newgrounds.c om/ see if you can't get something figured out. That's weird, i've never heard of someone having so much trouble getting registered.

edit: there's a space i can't get rid of in the .com, be aware, lol

@DancingEngie not sure why it won't work for you, I just tried signing up, worked fine. Did you try FF?

You signed up? Neato! To test his claim or to actually join?

Hmm, the 26th eh? I've always thought you guys were a cool flash crew. I think I'll try to make something to honor the locks :D

I would love to see it. :3

may 26th? damn. The next touhou game comes out on the 26th and I have a computing exam on the 28th so I can't take part.

No worries, just be sure to stop by and enjpy what gets posted :3

To join, but not sure I'll have time to actually participate in anything soon. At least I've locked my name now. :)

Lol, what did you go with, if I may ask?

haha give those tweens hell leaf

They won't know what hit 'em.

Cyberlock :P

Well it's a pleasure to meet you, lol. Feel free to open an introduction on the forum, just to say hi. And we're glad to have you!

Likewise; thanks for the warm welcome! Will do when I have some time to contribute.

I look forward to it. :3

I've tried every known web browser known to man. I click "register" - it changes color like it's clicked - but nothing happens.

I dunno man. Weird.

Anyhow if someone wants to develop a lock game with me, I'm here

Maybe it's my Windows 8, I dunno. Can you maybe make an account for me and I'll login (Login works fine)

PM me your email and i'll get you signed up.