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The flash that made me want to animate. Thank you, brothers. For the good times, for the challenges, and for all the friendships. Rewrite is a masterpiece.

This is utterly adorable. I'm not ashamed to admit that certain girlish squeals of delight may have escaped my lips when they danced their happy jig of doom. Proud to see how much you've grown as an animator over the last couple of years, and happy to be the subject of your most recent masterpiece. The end-credit scene got a good laugh out of me as well. Happy Lock Day! <3

SavvyOverDog responds:

Thank you so much Leaf. Give yourself some credit though for being the reason I even joined the group.


This is really your first Lock flash? I'm astonished. It's exemplary work, truly done in the spirit of the old Legion. Your character models were gorgeous, your backgrounds are more than just colored squares, and the humor is spot on. This really takes me back, makes me wish I'd put half this amount of effort into my early flash. My only criticisms would be to look into easing your motion tweens to better simulate motion, and to turn down the volume on the end credits to be a little less ear-bleeding. Credit music is a background element, not the center of attention. Really though, I'm hugely impressed and happy to see someone carry the old torch. Can't wait to see more from you. Well done.

LipLawk responds:

Thank you for your compliments and suggestions. :)

Was the credits music really that loud? I can fix that real quick, sorry! I must have had my sound lower than I shoulda when I edited that bit.

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If there's one thing that kills a game for me, it's poorly design control layouts. I shouldn't be getting frustrated trying to remember how to move left and right. I really wanted to like this game. It seemed neat. But a more universal controls scheme, like the arrows to select direction and space bar to initiate movement. Please consider changing this.

makehimanoffer responds:

You missed the entire point of the fucking game. Well fucking done. So no this won't be changed because youre being a whiny little bitch.

Could you seriously just give up? I'm tired of your useless attempts to flood the portal with your crap and reap in the profits from the ads. Take the time you spend copying your own crap and MAKE SOMETHING WORTHWHILE. Put REAL effort in something for once.

Loving it, but can't for the life of me figure out how to help lost kids. I laughed my ass off when the dude and his cow got a room, and nearly peed myself when the Avengers started showing up! A great little time killer you've built

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Das a smexy leaf.

Rn86 responds:

How did you even find this 5 years later?

i see what you did there...

lol tiny cameo.

uglyslug responds:

Killing two locks with one stone.

FOR THE HORDE!!!!! wait...no...

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