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If there's one thing that kills a game for me, it's poorly design control layouts. I shouldn't be getting frustrated trying to remember how to move left and right. I really wanted to like this game. It seemed neat. But a more universal controls scheme, like the arrows to select direction and space bar to initiate movement. Please consider changing this.

makehimanoffer responds:

You missed the entire point of the fucking game. Well fucking done. So no this won't be changed because youre being a whiny little bitch.

Could you seriously just give up? I'm tired of your useless attempts to flood the portal with your crap and reap in the profits from the ads. Take the time you spend copying your own crap and MAKE SOMETHING WORTHWHILE. Put REAL effort in something for once.

Loving it, but can't for the life of me figure out how to help lost kids. I laughed my ass off when the dude and his cow got a room, and nearly peed myself when the Avengers started showing up! A great little time killer you've built

Loved the show, and loved the game. It's really awesome that you got lines from the actual voice actors, that lent you some major kudos. This game has a much more extensive inventory than most point and clicks, and i've always liked games with a combine items feature. While the game may not be the most original point and click I've ever seen, it was certainly one of the most well made. Good job guys.

Final score, 4660. Eh, not that exciting or challenging. Really just a test of how quickly you can move your mouse without screwing up.

I would literally kill for a full scale game like this. If the AI was capable of actually showing stuff, telling stories, playing music and games, as well as being more capable of full conversation, this would be a perfect game. I just wish there were more. That's my only sorrow.

Wow, just played through the whole series over the last hour or so. LOVE it. Point and Clicks are among my favorite game types, and the atmosphere and sheer QUALITY of this series blew me away. The club song is gorgeously sung, and I love it so much that I've downloaded it to my ipod. The ending DID catch me by surprise, and while I do wish there had been more of an exchange between Rabbit and the Red Queen, I think it was a solid choice for things to end the way they did. It fit game, and don't let anyone tell you differently. Well done, all of you.

Ok, sneaky guys. The damn maze changes. Makes it a LITTLE hard to solve the thing. Props on the graphics and atmosphere, but if you're gonna make a puzzle, give it a solution.

Am I really gonna be the one to say it? This is NOT a tower defense game. Tower defense involves building units (i.e. turrets, towers, traps, etc) that defend against incoming enemies, often along pre-set paths. While this is an intriguing little game, and does have potential for improvement, I have to point out that it is misclassified. As has been said, I would look into adding power-ups/upgrades to give the player more of a fighting chance, perhaps even multiple weapons you could switch between. I would also think about a larger enemy variety, and perhaps even boss levels. Great attempt. Keep at it.

omaromeir responds:

As I mentioned before this was made in 4 days as part of a competition, what you see is the result of limited time (and resources). If I ever expand it in any way I'll take your words into account, thanks :).

terrific <3

haha, outstanding and addicting. Everything is well drawn and I had lots of fun shinners. you've come so damn far, well done.

uglyslug responds:

thank you leaf!

FOR THE HORDE!!!!! wait...no...

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